Apple Mac Compatible Laser Printer Recommendations

Apple-Friendly Monochrome & Color Lasers

Mono and Color Laser Printers For Macintosh

Nothing beats a Mac compatable laser printer for reliable, affordable, and high-speed black and white or color printing needs. Lasers are the smart choice for low-cost prints.

Monochrome B&W Lasers For Mac

Even though you may own a color-inkjet - many Apple users want more affordable and faster options when it comes to hi-volume document printing. Particularly if you run a Mac-based small home business or are in a shared-office setting, you can avoid the high-maintenence, futzing and expenses of color inkjets. Monochrome lasers offer lowest cost per page - and higher print speeds.

Cheap Brother AirPrint Laser Compact HP Monochrome Laser Network Laser Printer for Mac
Cheap Mac Laser

AirPrint + 2-Sided Printing
#1 Mono Mac Laser

Small Footprint - USB + WiFi
High-Speed 33ppm Workgroup Laser

128MB Memory, USB2 + GigaBit Ethernet

Best Color Laser Printers For Mac

More compact than ever - Color lasers now bring fast, high-quality color printing on plain paper right to your desktop. Many Mac compatible color laser printers start around $200. Laser printers can pay for themselves quickly, but like any computer peripheral that uses consumables, expect a bit of sticker-shock when you have to buy a set of all four C-M-Y-K toner cartridges.

Affordable HP Color Laser Wi-Fi Samsung Color Laser Konica Color Printer
Compact Color Laser

1025NW WiFi-Ethernet-USB
Affordable Samsung Color Laser

WiFi Mobile Device Printing
USB Konica Minolta 1650EN

Compact Affordable Color

Do Note: Many low-end lasers come with 'Starter' toner cartridges containing less toner than retail replacement cartridges would contain. You may be disappointed by the short life-span of the initial cartridge that comes with the printer. Printer manufacturers may offer two tiers: 'Standard' and 'High-Capacity' ink tanks or toner carts that a wise Macintosh user ought to take advantage of. These high-capacity cartridges usually contain 2-3x more toner for only a 30% price premium.

Choosing A Laser Printer For Mac

Print volume should ultimately determine the right choice of laser printer. Personal laser printers are just that: with paper trays for typically 50-100 sheets of paper. But if you're a prolific author, writer or editor - or share the printer in a workgroup, look for midrange and up printers that have larger, and additional paper trays. Many workgroup lasers support adding additional high-capacity paper trays underneath the main printer unit for higher print volumes and more flexibility in paper option choices.

Advantages Of Laser Over Injekt

When it comes to printing hundreds of pages FAST, a laser printer connected to your Mac computer will consistently save a ton of money over inkjets. The print speeds of laser are also impressive - especially for color prints. An 8 x 10, full-color photograph might take severasl minutes on an inkjet printer but on a color laser a printout may take only a minute. For archival prints on photo paper, Photo inkjets are still the best option - for everything else - a color laser will save you time and money and avoild alot of futzing with clogged nozzles and low ink problems mid-print.

Color inkjet multi-function printers (MFPs) may own the majority of today’s hardcopy peripherals market, but color lasers are continuing their long march into the mainstream. Color laser printing devices nabbed over a 35% share of the hardcopy printer market shipment value in 2011, while only making up a 6% share of unit shipments. AIO injets and Black and White monochrome lasers still hold the lion's share of printers bought - but smaller and more affordable color lasers are cheaper than ever and offer affordable for color prints at a low cost per-page to rival inkjet.

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