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Affordable iOS Printing Hardware

Low-Cost AirPrint Compatible Printers for iPad : iPhone : Mac

Here's some of bargain priced, low-cost AirPrint enabled printing solutions currently available for well under $75. And there are A LOT to choose from.
You may have already shelled out enough for your Apple desktop Mac or handheld gadget - and are now looking for the best AirPrint compatible printer for iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or your Macintosh computer or MacBook laptop. With not just millions of Macs, but literally a hundred million plus iOS devices and growing the demand for hassle-free, wireless Airprint printers has utterly exploded. It's almost become a 'Must-Have' checklist item for every new inkjet or laser printer model released. And the cost of adding WiFi or even LCD and Touch displays has almost become trivial. You can get a cheap AirPrint printer with a rich set of print, copy and scan features for less than ever before.

Cheapest AirPrint Compatible Inkjet Printers

Our top pick for an affordable AIO-MFP inkjet is this low-cost Mac and iPad printer solution from Hewlett Packard.

Cheap AirPrint Compatible HP Printer

Cheapest AirPrint Printer Ever

HP 2544 Print-Scan-Copy

The HP 2544 is the most affordable print, scan and copy solution from Hewlett-Packard with Wireless and AirPrint compatibility. It's available at a bargain price that's almost LESS than the cost of the HP61 Black and Tri-Color inks that come with it! If you're after the cheapest Airprint printer for iPad, iPhone or Mac OSX, this is it.

Cheap Epson AirPrint Compatible Printer

Epson AirPrint Printer

WiFi Print - Scan Copy

At the Apple Store online - the cheapest featured All-In-One Airprint printer with a large 2.5" LCD touch-panel listed is the Epson XP-410 with a LIST price around $99. When purchased with a new Mac laptop or desktop - Apple's ongoing printer REBATE promotion might allow you to get this AirPrint printer for free -- After paying for it first - then playing the mail-in rebate waiting game. At Amazon it's typically available without the rebate hassles for around $70, often with free shipping. For more info about Epson's support of handheld gadget andd remote wifi AirPrint printing, see regarding compatible devices and apps.

Cheap Brother AirPrint Compatible Printer

Brother MultiFunction w/AirPrint

Color LCD - Cheap Inks

Brother's been great about adding AirPrint printing capabilities to most of it's printers - even the most affordable and low-cost models.

Canon AirPrint Compatible Printer AIO

Duplex Print + Fax + Scan + Copy

Cheapest AirPrint Compatible Laser Printers

Many computer peripheral manufacturers have added AirPrint printing capabilities to many of their lowest-cost monochrome laser printers for under $100.

In the arena of AirPrint enabled color laser printers there's more options - but they aren't DIRT-cheap. However if you're willing to go in the $200+ price range your best option for iPad printing to a color laser is Hewlett-Packard's LaserJet Pro CP1525nw. Although HP offers a lower-priced and more compact WiFi color laser - it's not AirPrint enabled.

Cheap Xerox Phaser Wireless Laser

Apple AirPrint + Googlel CloudPrint

HP AirPrint Color Laser

USB - Ethernet -WiFi

AirPrint printing is still a work in progress. Apple's implementation in iOS4 was rather half-baked. Those who've upgraded to iOS5 have a more robust Airprint capable handheld, and more and more App developers are implementing direct AirPrint printing into iOS Apps that need to print. Initially, HP was the ONLY company selling AirPrint printer solutions, but over the course of a year others like Epson and Canon are now implementing wireless AirPrint abilities in their newest models of inkjet AIO-MFP and laser print products.

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