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Battery-Powered Mobile Printers
For MacBook Air and Pro

Mobile Printers For Apple MacBooks

Shopping for a MacBook Pro, Air, or Retina USB-C compatible travel printer? For Apple laptop users on the go - especially business users - the ability to print from a MacBook laptop on the road may be essential. Here are a few compact, lightweight, and battery operated mobile laptop printers designed for MacBook road warriors and business travel - but they're equally at home on your desk for light-printing needs with a small footprint. We also now have all-in-one portable Print / Scan / Copy options for those wanting a more fully-featured Apple compatible mobile printing solution.

Best Portable Printers For MacBook Pro or Air

These AC or battery-powered portable MacBook printers listed below are Mac compatible and supported by MacOS Sierra, OSX El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, Lion and Lepoard's included print drivers. Your Mac Pro or Air laptop will instantly recognize these printers when you go into System Preferences > Print and Fax setup preference pane:

All-In-One Portable From Hewlett-Packard

HP 250 Mobile MacBook All-In-One

Multi-Function Print + Scan + Copy

New from Hewlett-Packard is the 2nd-generation and arguably the best All-In-One portable Scanner + Printer combo. The OfficeJet 250 ideal for either iOS or MacBook Air or Pro printing that also offers sheet-fed document scanning and copying functions on the road, at your desk or or when traveling on business. This portable multifuction printer offers an integrated LiOn battery and either 802.11 WiFi wireless direct and AirPrint compatibility, or wired USB 2.0 connectivity options. It also features a built-in color LCD touchscreen control panel to boot!

Apple MacBook Portable Printer from HP

HP 200 Mobile MacBook Printer

Bluetooth + WiFi + USB Mobile Printing

The HP Officejet 200 Mobile Printer offers slightly sleeker and more appealing design over previous generation portable printers from HP. Setup and operation is controlled through a grayscale LCD touch panel. Mac or iOS 802.11 WiFi wireless direct AirPrint printing capabilities come as standard equipment and it also offers USB 2.0 port for direct, wired connectivity to your MacBook Pro or Air. Offering improved LiOn battery life and faster print speeds for MacBook professionals on the road, it's nice update to Hewlett-Packard's mobile printer product lineup.

Printer and Laptop Carry Case
Case For Portable MacBook Printer
For MacBook and Mobile Printers

Hewlett-Packard makes a specially designed combo carry bag for both your 13" or 15" MacBook Pro or 11" or 13" MacBook Air - as well as any of the portable printers listed here. It's an all-in-one mobile computing laptop case solution.

Epson Portable Printer For MacBook

*NEW* Epson Mobile Printer

Wireless IOS + OSX Printing

Epson finally entered the travel printing market for the first time with it's WorkForce WF-100 mobile printing solution. It's now one of the smallest and lightest portable printers available. It supports both USB and WiFi connections, has a LCD control display, and includes an internal Lithium-Ion battery that's rechargeable via an AC wall adapter, or trickle charged via a USB port on your MacBook.

Portable Photo Printers from Canon

Canon has been making MacBook compatible laptop travel printers longer than anyone and continue to deliver an ever refined portable inkjet printing solution for Apple Pro or Air laptop users. Sadly, they take a more piece-meal approach where wireless Bluetooth and even the battery itself are optional eqipment. AC power and USB port is standard, but for full mobility, the optional battery and possibly Bluetooth receiver need to be purchased separately.

Canon AIRPRINT Printer For MacBook

USB + WiFi + AirPrint with Ink Bundle

However, with an update to it's travel printer line, Canon is now the first to offer an Apple AirPrint and WiFi Direct compatible wireless enabled portable printing solution for both iOS devices and Mac OSX. The iP110 is a significant step forward with a Wi-Fi Direct and Apple AirPrint compatible printing from any Mac, PC, or mobile device.

It's predecessor, the iP100 may still be available at a lower price than ever before. It offers USB connectivity as standard, but also supports the optional BU-30 Bluetooth printing dongle. Though discontinued, new in box models might still be had at a bargain price.

Mobile Mac Photo Printer

Canon Pixma iP100 Inkjet

A compact 12.7 x 2.4 x 7.2 inches and weighing about 4.5 pounds, it's a resonably small and light Mac compatible portable printer for laptops. By refining this model with higher resolution, faster print speeds and more connectivity options - Canon sets the standard for notebook printers. Since we've recently seen a next generation model of mobile Canon printer with the iP110 to succeed the iP100, Canon has really cut the price of the orginal model making it the most affordable portable travel printer for MacBook users to date. If you have AC power available and limited desk space, it's simply a great, space-saving Mac desktop printer that's also road-ready if needed.

Canon Printer Battery

For IP100 & 110
- The optional bolt-on battery really _ought_ to be included with the iP100 and IP110, but it's not. It's an option for those that know they'll want to print from thier MacBook where AC power won't be readily available.

Canon Bluetooth Adapter

Option For 100/110 Printers
- This USB dongle from Canon USA fits inside their mobile printers case and enables simple wireless Bluetooth printing from your Mac or iOS device to the Pixma 100 series.

More Mobile Printing Choices For MacBook Users

For many years, Canon was the only player in the battery-powered mobile printer market, In the mid-2000's, Hewlett Packard joined in. With the mobile OfficeJet 150 they actually became the first to offer a combo printer AND scanner / copier which was very immportant for some mobile professionals. Recently Canon updated it's IP100 to the IP110 - a MUCH needed refresh after having shipped the same printer for over 5 years. Now we have Primera and Epson joining the mobile printing market with some of the lightest, smallest portable MacBook printers to date. All total, there are now FIVE currently shipping travel printers to choose from. And choice is a good thing for Apple consumers.

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