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Detailed Review Of Portable WiFi Printer Epson WF-100

The days of wired printers have slowly faded into the past. A new rush of "wireless" replacements have started to make their way into the market, and Epson is leading the charge for Mac users. This review will be emphasizing the "Portable WiFi Printer Epson WF-100" created by this heralded company and what it provides for Mac users.

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Does it justify the price being paid? Is it worth the purchase or is it better to move onto the next option? Let's take a look in this detailed review.

Key Features Of Epson's WiFi Direct Mobile Inkjet

1) Inkjet Wireless Printing For Mac Users 2) Compatible With iPhone, MacBook, iPad, Tablets, Smartphones 3) Rechargeable Lithium-ion Battery (Built-In) 4) Charge With USB Or AC Adapter 5) Provides High-Grade Photos And Documents 6) Includes Robust 1.4" LED Screen For Navigation And Control 7) Powerful Wireless Connectivity With WiFi Direct 8) Recorded As The World's Lightest Mobile Printer (3.5 Lbs.) 9) Dimensions Are 15.1 x 5.1 x 10.2 in 10) Uses T215 Standard-capacity (Black) And T215 Standard-capacity (Tri-Color) Replacement Cartridges

Seamless MacBook Mobile Printing

With a wireless printing solution, the emphasis is always on mobility. In addition to USB connectivity - the WF100 also supports Apple AirPrint printing over your local wireless network AND Wi-Fi direct printing directly from your iOS devices like an iPad, iPhone or even an iPod Touch. Print on the go and never have to worry about outputting documents or high-quality photo prints again.

Robust Mobile Inkjet Quality

The diminuitive size of the WorkForce 100 is a key selling point. It's smaller and lighter than competition from Canon USA and Hewlett-Packard's competing products. It is made from high-grade materials and will withstand pressure. The printing quality itself is immaculate.

Quiet Portable MacBook Printing

Those who are traveling will appreciate a printing solution that's unobtrusive. It should not get in the way of what's being done nor should it cause noise pollution. This Epson model is designed to remain quiet and will not create issues. With the built-in LiOn battery and multiple charging solutions provided, it becomes easier to move it around and not feel helpless. It can trickle-charge via a USB cable connected to your MacBook - or faster using the provided AC power cord.

WF100 Review Verdict For MacBook Laptops

As a highly portable WiFi Printer for MacBook or iOS - the Epson WF-100 is a world-class printer for those on the go. Whether you're a general user or a business owner, the documents will look immaculate, and the build quality is remarkable. A must-buy for all Mac users.