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Review Of Portable MacBook Printer Scanner Combo: Primera Trio

Portable printers have become the way to go for many Mac users wanting a premium printing solution that's highly mobile and suitible for travel - without the size, weight and bulk of it's competitors. Now you can have both PRINT AND SCAN capabilities in a very light, compact portable MacBook printer scanner combo - the Primera Trio all-in-one.

Ultra Portable 2.6 Pound MFP - AI0 For MacBook

Combo Print / Scan / Copy Peripheral

A brand name and product which some Apple owners may not be familiar with is the mobile Combo Printer/Scanner/Copier from Primera, the Trio. This review will assess the nuances of this portable scan and print combo. It has alot of value to bring for specific Mac users wanting and needing an absolutely compact and light-weight MFP - AIO All In One multifunction print, scan and copy peripheral. Does it do justice for MacBook users on the go? Let's take a look.

Key Features Of Primera's MacBook Friendly Scanner-Printer Combo

1) All-In-One Inkjet Printer (Print, Copy, And Scan)
2) Portable Printer/Scanner For Complete Mobility
3) Light: Weighing In At 2.6 Lbs, 2.9 With Optional Battery
4) Can Print In Color OR Black
5) Easy To Carry In Backpack Or Briefcase
6) 10 Sheets In Tray (Envelopes, Heavier Paper, 4x6 Photo Paper)
7) Provides USB 2.0 Connectivity
8) Optional Lithium-ion Battery Available (Sold Separately)
9) Print Resolution Of 4800 x 1200 dpi
10) Dimensions - 11.4î x 1.8î x 6.5î
11) Includes One Color Ink Cartridge
12 Replacement Primera Trio Standard Yield Black Cartridge (31021) And Primera Trio Standard Yield Color Cartridge (31020)
13) Simple Controls For Easy Mac Laptop Printing

Impressive Portability For MacBook Laptop Users

Beginning with the lightweight build (2.6 Lbs.) and moving to the slim design makes it a wonderfully portable solution. It can easily slip into a backpack with room to spare. Sadly the Li-On battery is not included. It's optional and adds to the already high price.

MacBook Printing, Sheet-Fed Scanning

What about the printing? Is it crisp or are there issues? This is a major question and one this printer passes with reasonable black prints. However, because it only holds one Black OR Color cartridge at a time, it uses blended color as a substitute for black in color prints. Whether it is a text document or photos, the quality is what you'd expect from something this small. It is not exceptional but the value it brings to business road warriors is worth some tradeoffs. The sheed-fed scanner slot on the front edge requires 1 page at a time manual feeding.

All-In-One Portable MacBook Printer Scanner Final Verdict

This unique portable MacBook friendly Printer Scanner Combo from Primera makes the Trio an ultra-light portable print scan combo solution. It works well with all Apple desktop and laptop computers and remains robust on the go.

It will slip well into a backpack or even a large purse without getting in the way. It is a must for those seeking quality USB printing with a minimalistic design. A fantastic purchase for MacBook business users wanting high functionality in an ultra-compact form factor.

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